Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Shower for Alicia

This was one of the funnest baby showers I got to be a part of. We did a "pop" theme. I got the idea from a friends shower in Vegas and of coarse I loved the excuse to bust out some more cake POPS. The invitations were so cute (thanks Jill.) They had a picture of a bag of popcorn and read "Jackson is about to "pop" into our lives. "Pop" into a shower for Alicia." The treats we served all had the word "pop" in them. POP corn (all different flavors including the caramel balls on sticks we used as the center piece,) cake POPS, and soda POP. The other decorations were simple we drizzled green, yellow and blue chocolate over popcorn and put it in different apothecary jars to display.

Soda POP

More cake POPS. We had to incorporate yellow so we could make the lemon head ones. The big poka-dots are from the big confetti sprinkles at Joanns' (I got this idea from my cute sister-in-law Cami-she also gave me the idea to tie the green stem around the stick. She is so creative.)

Of coarse we had to make the coconut ones too.

Drum roll please...introducing the new cake pop flavor that I have been wanting to try (along with a few of you.) THE PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE CAKE POP WITH REESES. It was worth experimenting over. It is now one of my favorites. We added peanut butter to the chocolate cake (We just keep adding the PB until the 2 flavors both stood out.) We covered with chocolate melts and then added crushed Reeses pieces (we picked out the yellow ones for the shower.) A little piece of heaven. This is another reason why I love doing treats with friends. A few of us conjured up the PB chocolate idea the last time we made cake pops. Two heads(or several) are always better than one. This time we(mostly Jill) came up with the idea to try a Andes Mint and chocolate one next time. Oh the possibilities are endless with these fun little things.

These are the cute girls that I got to spend so much time with putting this thing together. They are amazing to put up with me and my craziness. Mindy is all the way to the left and Jill to the right. Alicia,in front, is the guest of honor(who is also amazing and so talented.)
Thanks for the memories girls!

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