Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's a bugs life!

Rachel and I made these for Ezra's first birthday. We got the idea for the Hungry Caterpillar on the Coco cake website. We used mini cupcakes instead because we wanted to do all the other fun bug cupcakes too.

It was fun seeing this little guy come together. First I have to give props to Rachel's husband for making the leaf that we displayed him on. He cut it out of cardboard then wrapped it in green wrapping paper. Thanks Blake! For the body of the caterpillar we put two different shades of frosting in one bag (trying to keep them as separate as possible) then used the 1M tip. For the head we cut a 6" cake down to about 4" frosted red, cut a oval out of a yellow fruit slice for his eyes with green frosting pupils, piped on his nose with black, used black licorice or antennae and black frosting for his legs. We used chocolate sprinkles or jimmies for the hair on his back.

Close up of his hair.

Sorry for the crooked picture. Don't know how this happened.

The ants were one of my favorites. We used the raspberry candies and just piped on the legs and eyes.

Bee-piped #16 stars for yellow and black, M&M for eyes, dipped pretzels in white chocolate for wings.
Lady bug- Oreo face, M&M eye, black M&M's for dots, frosting mouth

Love this little guy! Cut licorice for legs, and M&M for eyes

This caterpillar was also a favorite. Love how simple this was. All M&M's.

Butterflies- fruit slices for wings, M&M for eyes, gummy worm for body. I love using candy to make a fun cupcake. You just have to add eyes and it automatically gives them a personality. It's also fun to snack on while we decorate. I don't think there were too many left overs this time. Thanks for the fun Rachel. Hopefully you will want to do another cake with me in the future. I promise not all cakes take this much time.


  1. So cute. I love the lady bug face. Miss you!
    ..Now I'm craving something sweet.