Friday, September 24, 2010

Fancy Nancy cupcakes

My friend Jill, along with her amazingly talented mom, threw her 2 daughters a Fancy Nancy birthday party. When I walked in I couldn't get over how adorably cute and super fancy everything was. In fact I am fully aware that the cupcake stand and table the cupcakes are displayed on are far cuter than the simple cupcakes I helped to decorate. That's why there are so many pictures. I want to copy this one day for my girl. I love the colors, the prints and all the fancy stuff.

Here is the close up of the cupcakes. I used several different tips to do the swirls on top and then Jill worked her magic with the sprinkles. It was fun trying all the tips. I especially liked the "zebra" stripe. To get this look I piped a couple stripes of the black frosting onto the inside edge of another bag then added white frosting trying not to mix the colors to much. The pink and white swirl had two equal portions of the pink and white frosting in the bag again trying not to mix the colors as I put them in.

Isn't this table decorated so darling?

I love how they fancied up the cupcake tower.

Here is a picture of the table. I told you it was fancy. Her mom is a genius at the decorating thing. I will never get mine to look like this but it will be fun trying. I absolutely love the zebra stripe with the hot pink.

It's the small things that all add up. Look at the bedazzled plastic ware. Amazing! Thanks for letting me be a small part of this fancy party Jill!


  1. Do you take requests?..
    So many yummy things to do with pumpkin. Nothing as scrumptious as Amy's pumpkin rolls. Can you share the recipe since you're not here to make them for me:)
    Love ya

  2. This is absolutely adorable!! I want to do this for my grand daughter's 5th birthday!