Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter baskets

Jill and I made these for our Easter playgroup. I got the idea from Bakerella's cake pop book.

I didn't want the work of a cake pop so I used mini cupcakes instead which fit in here perfectly.
The basket is made out of a waffle cone that was measured 1 1/2 inches from the top and cut with a serrated knife. I saved the bottom of the cone to make the ice cream cake pops for a shower this weekend. We then put the cupcakes in the top opening of the basket, covered them with grass (cream cheese frosting) using the grass tip. Then added jelly beans and the bunnies I found in a package of edible grass.
Bakerella used a sour straw for the handle which was super cute and would have been easier but I couldn't find them so I used chocolate. I mixed a little milk chocolate with white and yellow to try and match the basket. I melted it in a bowl first then poured in a ziplock cut the corner and piped them onto wax paper. Under neath the wax paper I traced an arc that was the correct size for the basket. I tried to make the handle seem like wicker, some turned out better than others.

So you can see here how the basket is starting to come undone. It is because of the moisture of the cupcake and the humidity. We had a lot of these ruin so I would suggest not to make them the night before.

I was glad we did some without the baskets.

Jill had a fun spread for us all to enjoy. We had a great time eating and having an Easter egg hunt. Thanks Jill!!

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