Friday, April 15, 2011

Shark Attack

I made these for Ethan's class to celebrate his 7th birthday. He has been into sharks lately. So when I found these from Hello Cupcake I knew it was the perfect treat to celebrate with.

After hour #7 I was cursing these little guys. They were a pain to frost and I am surprised they actually looked like sharks when I was through. I hate when directions in a book make it sound easy but when you try it you can't even get it to remotely work in the same way. Oh well! I was finally at peace with the sharks when Ethan saw them and couldn't wait for his friends to see too. He said he loved how scary they looked. Yes score, he didn't notice the mistakes. I love doing cupcakes for kids.

In the end I was glad I only made 8 of these things. This is how I did it in a nutshell. I cut 2 inches off a twinkie at an angle, cut a oreo cookie in half and inserted it into the end of the twinkie. I froze them for 20 minutes then frosted them with gray frosting. The easiest way I (well my husband and I since he was helping me too) found to frost them was thin out the frosting a little and use a knife to frost. The directions say to use a pastry brush but that didn't work for me. Before the frosting sets add mini chocolate chips for eyes, and pre-cut red fruit rollups for his mouth. Then pipe on teeth with tip#2 and black gills.

Because there were two other girls who celebrated there birthdays in April I decided to only make sharks for the boys. Good thing since those sharks gave me such trouble.

These were fun to do and simple. I needed that! As you can tell from other posts I have enjoyed doing some of these spring cupcakes over and over. I don't think I will get sick of it either.

This one in particular is one of my favorites. The rainbow part is very flimsy so it can be tough to not sag but the idea is cute.

I made this one for his teacher. I thought she might like a cupcake without all the candy on it.

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