Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter/Spring cupcakes

I made these for Tracey. She wanted 2 dozen spring cupcakes for the adults at her Easter party and 1 dozen Easter cupcakes for the kids. I had a great time making these. The colors made me so happy!!
I used all my big tips to make these like 1M, 2D, petal tip (for the flower) and then some that don't have numbers that my mom gave me from a retired chef she knew, like the big swirl. I tried to not use too many sprinkles since they were for adults but they needed something extra. Oh I used lemon cream cheese for the frosting with vanilla cake.

I haven't gotten tired of making these this year. I love the jelly bean flower and the sugar coated marshmallows. The rainbows (airhead licorice) are fun to do too.
Happy Easter!

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