Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shower

Carissa and I did this for Willows baby shower. This was one of the funnest showers to put together. Willow wanted a book shower and Carissa had the brilliant idea of using the hungry caterpillar for the theme. She found a pack of hungry caterpillar stuff at a teacher store and hung some of the pictures on her wall and then used some for the food.
The menu was easy, Carissa served all the food the hungry caterpillar ate. She cut out pictures from her picture kit, taped a toothpick on the back and stuck them in all the different foods. Super cute!
These are the ice cream cake pops we made from the Bakerella book. We used the bottoms of the waffle cone I cut earlier that week to make the Easter baskets. We used chocolate cake mixed with cream cheese formed balls and put them in the fridge for 20 minutes. We melted chocolate dipped the balls in and used a spoon to put them on the top of the cone. My favorite thing about this was that it doesn't matter how messy it was because it just makes the ice cream look more melty. Good thing since it was midnight before we started making these and we were so tired.
Once you put the ice cream on the cone cover it with sprinkles quickly because the chocolate melts quickly. Once it dries melt milk chocolate and drizzle on the top and use a red M&M for the cherry.
To hold these we used a block of styrofoam and made holes in it using a big sucker stick. We put the stick in where we wanted it and then moved it around in a big circle. Just have your waffle cone handy to test it out first. We then covered it in tissue paper. The paper broke nicely once we set the cones in there to dry.
You may be tired of seeing this but we couldn't have a hungry caterpillar party without the cupcake cake. Carissa made this easy on me and baked all the cakes ahead of time. We had fun decorating this little guy.
Thanks for the fun memories Carissa! I had a fun time with you!

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