Saturday, July 23, 2011

Corny cupcakes

Natalie and I made these for our pioneer day celebration. We were suppose to bring food that our pioneers would have eaten back in the day. What? Me? Am I capable of making any of those things? Probably, but not nearly as fun. I have been wanting an excuse to make these Martha Stewart creations so I had to be creative and say that the pioneers definitely ate corn on the cob.

These were super easy especially if your friend who's helping makes the cupcakes and frosting. Thanks Natalie!!

We used jelly bellies (pina colada, buttered popcorn, and cream soda) for the kernels, yellow Starbursts for the butter, and black sugar for the pepper.

I found these corn holders in the dollar spot of Target.

Patti these are dedicated to you! We wanted to make these together but being a thousand miles away made it kinda difficult.

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