Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pink and Orange baby shower

Where do I begin! I love that I get to do Jenny's cupcakes for her because she and her sister know how to throw darling/amazing showers. I was so happy that she let me take these photos at her house. I was happy to bring her the cupcakes to get this in return. First of all her house is so darling (she is an artist and has gorgeous artwork everywhere) and you can imagine how happy I was to see this cupcake stand there waiting for the cupcakes. She told me she was having her husband make her one like mine. But when I this I was floored, mine never looked so cute. So now I will be copying her to decorate mine from now on.

I did Stawberry cake and vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting (her favorite.) I did pink and orange for the main colors and the toppers were in the accent colors-lime green and light pink. I found the hearts in the Wilton wedding section at Wal-mart. For the sprinkles I used hot pink and orange sugar crystals and I picked out pink and orange dots from a multi-colored container.

I am in love with orange and pink together. What a fun combination.

I love that the flowers totally matched.

I had to get a shot of this. It was in the other room but it was so beautiful. See I told you they know how to throw a beautiful party. She even had kitchen towels hanging from her oven that matched. I loved it!!!

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  1. I've always loved these colors together. You're awesome. I just hired a girl to do cupcakes for our last event. It made me think of you and wished I had your services nearby. I love seeing your posts.