Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Birthday Party

 I wish I could take credit for something at this fun party but I can't.  This was a birthday party for Wyatt's school buddy Diego.  Now these people know how to throw a party.  I wanted to post about this because I have been wanting to throw a Halloween party for my kids and I swear I will do it every year.  Now I have some fun ideas for when I actually do it.
 I love the cute skeleton theme she did.  She got most of this stuff from Target.
 Chex Mix with a skeleton hanging out in it.  So fun!
 I LOVED this cute drink idea.  Nerds, Sprite and paper straws with a peep on them. This would be fun with Pop Rock candy too!
 I want to remember this cookie idea for next year.  They used a Gingerbread cutter and decorated him as a skeleton.
 They played really fun games like this pin the nose on the skeleton.
And had a huge piñata. They also did a costume contest, had a bouncy house, played the donut on a string game where the kids had to try and eat the donut hanging from a string without touching it, and a game where they tossed a ping pong into the witches caldron.  Super fun party and the catered food was amazing!

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