Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mother/Daughter Fall Social

 The Beehives (girls 12&13 year olds) and their leaders put together a Fall Social for all the Young Women and their moms. We did an "Apple of My Eye" theme because we needed an excuse to eat caramel apples.
 I made these for the activity using our local orchard apples which were really small and fun.
 I am really liking the new Salted Caramel one that is on the bottom right.

 I also did Reese's Pieces, Health, Oreo and mostly white chocolate cinnamon.

 The Beehives, the advisor, and Secretary worked really hard helping me with the decorations.  Aundreya did the banner and cut all the apples hanging from the ceiling from her Silhouette. The Beehives helped with Pom-Poms, paper pumpkins, and setting up and taking down. Michele also helped set up and provided a lot of the decor and made apple desserts. They were life savers.

 Michele's cute center piece.  Those little apples are from our local orchard.

 The girls helped hang all these Pom-poms and apples.

We also had a photo booth that Jonice, one of our Young Women made. We had a great night playing games and eating lots of yummy food (apple straws, caramel apples. cheese ball with crackers, apple streusel dessert, apple juice with Sprite, apples with fruit dip, and a veggie tray)

Game #1-Self-Esteem activity.  You can print your papers here.  We had everyone fill out the ME poster and then we gave the moms a poster that said MY GIRL and the girls a poster that said said MY MOM and they wrote the things they loved about each other.  It was so sweet.

Game #2- We played a how well do you know each other game.  We had a set of questions for the moms and for the daughters.  We gave each of them a laminated sheet of paper and a dry erase marker.  After I read the question (example: What is your daughters least favorite food?) they would each write down the answers and then compare them.  Whoever got it wrong had to eat a piece of bubble gum.

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