Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween cookies

 So I realize my Halloween cookies look the same every year but I still love to post them for the memories. My kids and I did these again for our "You've been Boo'd" treat. We love this new tradition. Ethan was a huge help this year. He did all the spider webs, the skeleton eyes and the bloody bones. I love that he likes to help me!
 This gingerbread turned mummy is a new cookie this year.
 Here are some of the boxes we found to put our cookies in.  These were much more fun than a plate but we had to wait for the cookies to really dry before we could stack them in here.
 I found the 2 middle boxes at Dollar Tree.  They came in packs of 2. I am loving that store more and more.

This is how Wyatt and Lucy love to decorate their cookies!  =) I wonder where they get their love of candy from.

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