Friday, November 21, 2014

Treats for the Fireman

 Wyatt had a field trip today at the fire station and his teacher asked us all to bring treats and cards for them as a thank you.  We decided to make patriotic caramel pretzels the easy way using pre-made caramel.  My friend Patti and I used these caramel apple wraps years ago to make pretzels for a baby shower and I totally forgot about how easy they are.  This is what you need to make the pretzels:pretzel rods, caramel apple wraps, chocolate and sprinkles.
 There are 5 caramel apple wraps per package and I was able to get about 6 pretzels per wrap.  You could make it thinner and wrap more but I didn't need that many and I like more caramel.

 I stocked up on these trays at Hobby Lobby when they were on clearance after the 4th of July since I seem to do a lot of patriotic treats outside of July.
 I used my big 14x24 cellophane bags to put the tray in and tied it up with a bow and card.
 We seem to have a tradition in our family that if you go on a field trip to the fire station we make a fire truck treat for the class.  Usually we make cupcakes and top it with a chocolate fire truck but Wyatt wanted to make these chocolate fire truck suckers instead.  They used more chocolate but I didn't have to bake anything and I could do them a few days ahead.  Score!
Thank you firemen for all that you do for our communities! We appreciate your sacrifices!

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