Thursday, November 6, 2014

YW Night in Excellence with the Stars

 Michele headed up our YW night in Excellence this year and she chose a cute star theme. We tried keeping everything yellow/gold.
 She let me make these star cake bites. I used my star/heart cake pop maker to make the star shape cakes.  I have a really small star cookie cutter (Hobby Lobby) that I used to cut the center out on half of them. I piped yellow frosting on one side of a full star, topped it with the holey star, added sprinkles, and piped a small star around the top.  I don't love how they turned out maybe because it was so much yellow but the girls like how they tasted.
 These were the centers of the cakes that I couldn't throw away.

 Food table-look at all the yellow foods.
 Michele made these yummy lemon cupcakes.  I love the star bowls (from Dollar Tree) that she put lemon heads and caramel corn in. She also did a yummy cheese platter.
 On this side of the table were lemon bars, deviled eggs, chips with a yummy cheese dip, pineapple, and lemon cookies.  I think we just about covered all foods that are yellow.
 This was our decor for the evening!
Michele and I cut out these stars with each of our young women names on them and added glitter.

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