Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Cupcakes

 Anna and I made these for our Christmas party at church.
 We had so much fun doing these together.
 Reindeer: pretzel antlers, Nilla wafer face, M&M nose and edible goggly eyes.
 Santa: all frosting. I copied this from a picture online. I used a small star tip 35 for the white frosting and a round tip 16 for the red hat. I tinted some frosting light pink with a little cocoa for his face but you can't really tell.
I made these again! We used red and green chocolate to make the H's and peppermints for the O's. To get this swirled look I used a disposable bag with a 1M tip, painted gel colors up the side of the bag and added frosting carefully so you don't mess it up to much. Squeeze until you start to see color.

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