Saturday, December 7, 2013

Come One Come All!

Amanda's Circus baby shower.
 Sephonnie helped me make the circus tent. We used a hula hoop and taped streamers from it. We hung it from the ceiling with a 3M hook and pinned it open with bobby pins.

To make the swirled frosting fill a bag with 3 different colors trying to keep them as separate as possible as you fill it.  You will have to squeeze some frosting out before they start to mix.

Clown #1: Trix for hair and sour cherry candy for nose.
Clown #2: cut waffle cone for hat and M&M for nose.
I can't decide if their cute or scary.  I might have nightmares trying to decide!
Can't have a circus party without popcorn.  Cut the top half of a mini marshmallow in an x shape using scissors. I grease my scissors first with Pam or butter. Once you have the mallows on the cupcake use a paint brush to brush yellow food coloring on.

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