Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm Melting...

Ethan and I made these for his class Christmas party.
Last year when Jill and I made these we used frosting for the scarfs but I decided to try the licorice pulls instead. It was easier but I wish they had blue licorice.
Head:cookie balls-crushed Oreos with cream cheese (Nutter Butters and peanut butter are yummy too) I just add cream cheese until it's at a good consistency to roll into a ball.
Place on wax paper and cover with white chocolate. I maybe should have done 2 coats but I am still getting used to the altitude change here and the chocolate wasn't drizzling as good for me here. 
Hat:mini Reese's Peanut butter cup and mini Oreo cookie glued together with chocolate.
Scarf:red licorice pull aparts
Face:orange and black frosting

Ethan also wanted to bring these :)  We used Oreo cookie balls dipped in chocolate.
He said the boys went crazy over these. I wasn't surprised!

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